Acquire a masterpiece today!

You have just viewed the Minawala store and love this jewel… There is a 'But'!

You have other obligations…? Worry not!

Now, no 'but' is going to keep you away from your favorite jewel…

We understand your responsibility and situation. After all, we are your family jeweler and here to help you always. We will keep your beloved piece aside for you… And, you can pay in four months time.

Just pay a quarter of the price and for the rest three quarters you have a time of ninety days! Within the next ninety days, you can pay other three quarters.

You can also avail this opportunity by reserving your jewel on privileged prices during promotional offers! Also, you will acquire your jewel at the same price which was tagged at the time of reservation, hence paying no extra; even if the price of gold has increased by the last installment.

No Minimum Purchase Necessary

Just a small earring, or a complete jewellery set. Whatever you like, there is no minimum purchase requirement.

Pay Only A Quarter

Reserve your jewellery by paying only a quarter now and the rest in easy monthly installments.

Terms and Conditions

This is a jewellery purchase scheme. Under no circumstances will there be any cash refund.

No bonus is payable in case of premature closure of the scheme.

Intra-city transfers of TMH accounts between Minawala showrooms in the same city will take atleast 3 working days from the date of request or more for the showroom to redeem the account. Inter-city transfers will take atleast 7-15 working days.

All customers are advised to read and comply with the security information and the detailed terms and conditions.

The first installment will consist of 25% of the price of the item or the price of gold (whichever is higher). The remaining amount will be equally distributed in the next 3 installments.

Interest free monthly installments must be carried out over the following next 3 months, each month by the set monthly due date, after the reservation. Requests for relaxation or an increase in the number of months of installments can be made at the time of reservation, but will only be entertained under reasonable circumstances. Minawala's decision in this regard shall be considered as final and unchallengeable.

Installments must be paid within 3 days of the due date every month.

In the event that the reservee cannot be contacted within a reasonable amount of time after any monthly installment due date, as solely determined by Minawala, the reserved jewellery will be entitled not to be reserved anymore, and any claim(s) by reservee will be denied. Moreover, legal actions might be taken against the reservee in accordance to state's law.